Warning: This article contains huge spoilers for “My Hero Academia”!

When I started My Hero Academia, one of my first thoughts matched those of most everyone: Man, I really wanna punch Bakugou. His relentless attacks on Midoriya, who he nicknamed “Deku”, meaning “useless” in Japanese, as well as his arrogant behavior throughout early episodes to his fellow classmates, created the image that he’s, well, kind of an asshole.

However, as I continued further into the series, it became apparent that his character was beginning to care about his fellow students, superiors, and, as this article will elaborate on, his former…

Throughout high school, I competed near-religiously on my school’s speech and debate team, where I performed interpretations of literature and gave speeches advocating for messages that I viewed crucial to my audiences. Junior year, I reached a block as to what message to go for. I was aware of what issues concerned me, but I wasn’t fully sure of how to go about addressing them. So, I did what most people do when they’re really, really bored.

I turned on the TV.

Scrolling through Netflix, I decided that rather than rewatch Total Drama Island for the millionth time, I wanted…

Remember those days when you got to share yourself publicly online and not fear backlash from random people? Yeah, me neither.

I learned the severity of this issue summer to my senior year of high school, after posting a picture of me next to my computer gaming setup online — only to get hundreds of hateful comments and private messages in return. Lord of the Rings length novels calling me whoreish and attention seeking greeted my Reddit mailbox, despite the fact that the image was…literally just me in shorts and a sweater sitting next to my computer.

I’ll save 10-years-from-now-me from the embarassment of that photo being in this article.

A bulk of…

For the month of December, I made it my goal to text and stay in touch with my friends from high school. As sparse as that number is, I found myself entranced with the new lives they were living, from new relationships to sudden hair color changes. Stemming from this resolution came a conversation with one of the girls I messaged. In our texts, we reached the topic of Tiktok, which dwindled into talking about how popular thrifting has become on the platform.

Growing up, my family was far from well off, but we never thrifted. Our parents never knew…

In 2014, Overwatch was announced at Blizzcon, an annual gaming convention in Anaheim, California that promotes Blizzard Entertainments popular games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo, and critics & gamers alike were astounded by the animated trailers and clips released.

The original 12 characters in Blizzard’s 2014 Announcement of Overwatch.

The game’s original promotional footage featured a groundbreaking diverse cast of 12 heroes, featuring male and females of color, like Reaper, Hanzo, Pharah, and Symmetra, and several female characters including Mercy, Widowmaker, and Overwatch’s Iconic hero Tracer. …

I would just like to clarify that this article is in no way, shape, or form a jab at r/pcmasterrace. The moderators of the subreddit were incredibly supportive of me, listened to my concerns, and did the best they could do quiet down the harassment.

One Summer, after finding out that I didn’t need a rocket science degree to build my own computer, my dad and I made it our mission to create a PC from parts to completion beginning at the start of July until before classes started in mid August. …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s not news that Disney Channel’s newest cartoon series The Owl House features a canonically bisexual lead, a 14 year old Dominican Republic girl named Luz Noceda, along with, fellow female student Amity Blight, a canonically lesbian supporting character who was shown in an episode released last month to have romantic feelings for the lead.

Luz Noceda and Amity Blight ( third and fourth from the left, respectively )

However, It’s not uncommon for characters in modern childrens TV to be confirmed as LGBTQ+ by showrunners and voice actors. …

It’s September 7th, 2020. You’re laying in bed scrolling through Twitter when you see a tweet from Addison Rae. The 19 year old girl who made 5 million dollars last year dancing on TikTok? Yes, that Addison Rae. You decide you’ll read the tweet, since there isn’t much else to do, and the post reads:

“Crunchyroll is now downloaded onto my phone. Ttyl”

Well, it’s over. Anime is officially cool.

Rae isn’t the only TikTok personality to post about anime, and she’s far from being the only American teenager in 2020 being introduced to Japanese music, manga, and anime through…

Allison Marrero

I’m a student at the University of Central Florida with a passion for anime, video games, and cartoons who loves to write!

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